Practical, operational advice to help familiarize you with Italian Luxury Brands, including Fashion, Food and Furniture, put you in touch with producers, help you find wholesalers, identify business opportunities and find time-sensitive bargains.

Commercial intermediation

Advice on the conclusion of sales contracts and assistance with licensing or franchising arrangements. Authenticity and quality guarantees, plus advice on purchase documentation.

Support Services

Identification of suppliers, intermediaries and agents, plus legal advice, anti-counterfeiting and authenticity checks, verification of legal documents, customs clearance and dispute resolution assistance.

Buying office Set Up

Assistance with all aspects regarding the setting up of temporary or permanent buying offices in Italy.


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After a one-hour consultation with Salvo Spagna, some of his customers have saved as much as €100,000.

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You will save between 2 and 100 times the cost of a consultation. How our Guarantee Works: Say your company spends €5000 on a consultation with Salvo Spagna. At the very least this will save you €10,000, plus you will learn how to do business in Made in Italy goods successfully and acquire valuable knowledge which will help you avoid years of costly trial and error. After a one-hour  consultation with Salvo Spagna, some of his customers have saved as much as €100,000.A single hour of Salvo Spagna’s time can help you save a significant amount of money and help you perfect that project you have in mind. Are you interested, but do not have a project in mind? Click here to subscribe to our free newsletter.

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Salvo Spagna

The first Italian Luxury Advisor, offers consulting and intermediary services, plus authenticity and anti-counterfeiting audits for the purchase and sale of luxury and high quality Made in Italy goods, including Fashion, Food and Furniture

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