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Handbags – the next Luxury Accessory for Men?


Pitti Uomo, a fashion trade fair held in Florence, Italy, is known for identifying and setting trends. At recent edition, photographs of male models carrying a range of handbags were evident.

Handbags for MenA new trend might be set and luxury dealers might want to keep an eye on its evolution. Maybe men in your nation will take to “manbags” or maybe not. In Italy, men can often be seen carrying small bags. In the cooler months, such men may be older Italians, but during the hotter seasons, men of all ages can be see with bags.

There’s a reason why bags become popular with men in the summer months in Italy: they are practical.

Summer clothes tend to be lightweight which means keys can punch holes in pockets and coins tend to jangle too.

Pop your keys and coins in a small bag and these little problems disappear. Nowadays, of course, men tend to carry mobile phones and other electronic gizmos around with them. Once again, when the summer months arrive and it becomes too hot to wear a jacket, somewhere is needed to keep all these items – this is were a bag for men can come in very useful indeed.

While in some cultures, men carrying the male equivalent of handbags may not be considered too manly, this prejudice can be overcome by designing bags which don’t look overly feminine. That these bags for men are inherently practical is another selling point which clever marketers can exploit.

Now, if bags for men do become fashionable, you can be sure Italy’s luxury makers will be producing ranges of attractive and stylish bags. As a luxury dealer, you will want to sell products your customers want. And very soon, your male customers may be looking for practical bags.

My advice is to keep an eye on the popularity of bags for men – they could turn out to be the luxury fashion accessory of 2015.

I also recommend following Pitti’s regular Florence trade fairs closely. If you do ever attend one of Pitti’s fashion trade fairs, do not enter into any agreements on the spot. Wait until the event is over before making contact with the producer whose items caught your eye – you’ll be able to negotiate better terms and this, of course, will ensure your profit margins are higher.

If you want to keep up with luxury industry news and issues, such as counterfeiting, contact me!

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Counterfeit Luxury – A Persistent Problem


Counterfeit LuxuryLuxury goods attract counterfeiters in the same way as honey attracts bees. In Italy, reports of huge quantities of counterfeit luxury products being seized are not uncommon, especially on the run up to summer and Christmas.


While counterfeiters tend to make copies of the products of big name luxury brands such as Prada and Gucci, other not so well known brands do not escape their illicit attention. Luxury dealers throughout the world who import Italian luxury goods need to be certain the goods they receive are authentic.


In theory it should be simple: you place an order and wait until the shipment arrives in your nation. However, in reality, things are not always as straightforward as they may seem. Certain unscrupulous companies in Italy will show buyers goods which are genuine. An order may well be placed and this is where the trouble can start. Either customs in Italy understand that the goods are not authentic and will not let them leave the country or else the shipment makes it to the destination nation only to be confiscated by customs there. Not only can this lead to complex and expensive legal problems including charges of dealing in counterfeit goods, it can also cause huge problems for businesses.


Just imagine if that summer collection does not arrive in time for the summer season or if those winter garments never manage to make it onto the shelves of your boutique. The damage in terms of lost profits is potentially massive. Indeed, the harm could be so serious, it could close your business which is something customs investigators could do anyway while they inspect the rest of your stock. If the press finds out your business has been caught trying to sell fake luxury goods, the reputation and image of your business could be damaged irrevocably.


What can you do to avoid such problems? My advice is to engage specialists to ensure goods are genuine. Not everyone is able to understand whether a Prada handbag is genuine or not and some of the fakes are very well made indeed. You can also avoid problems by ensuring you deal with companies in Italy which are not known for trading in counterfeit goods. Understanding which companies are legitimate from those which may not be is no easy task, unless, that is, either you or someone you know possesses an intimate knowledge of Italy’s luxury industry.


To establish the authenticity of luxury goods created in Italy, my company has been trusted by luxury dealers worldwide for many years. Indirectly, we’ve saved companies millions in potential losses by ensuring products are one hundred percent authentic.


Counterfeiting is a problem within the luxury sector and is likely to remain so. Keep this in mind and remain as wary now as you have ever been. If in doubt, seek assistance to ensure what you order is what you receive. Think of it as a form of insurance.


Managing problems relating to counterfeiting issues will be time consuming and costly. By avoiding problems, you can focus on other aspects of running your business, safe in the knowledge that you are protecting yourself, the reputation of your business, and, of course, your luxury consumers.

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Demand for Italian Footwear Steps Up


Italian FootwearEveryone, it seems, wants to be seen in Italian footwear. Exports in 2013 were up and 2014 looks promising too.


Shoes made in Italy appeal because of the high level of workmanship and because footwear is made with high quality materials. The combination of both means that Italian footwear lasts longer and keeps looking good too. These features appeal to buyers who are sick of mass produced footwear which tends to fall apart after only a year or so.


If your luxury business deals in footwear, it may well sell certain well-known Italian brands. There are other not so well known brands, often produced by small businesses using traditional techniques and find quality materials. These businesses would be more than happy to enter into private label arrangements with luxury dealers around the world. The problem, for both Italy’s luxury footwear makers and, to an extent for luxury sellers looking for products, is that such companies can be very hard to find.


If you are interested in selling luxury Italian footwear or in creating your own exclusive private brand, then my company can help you find manufacturers in Italy who can produce exactly what you and your customers are looking for.


We can also advise on sizing and colours to ensure that the products you create will appeal to buyers in the nation in which you do business. While you may not consider this important, it is. If the colour or sizes are wrong, products will not sell, no matter how high their quality is.

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Italian Luxury Maker Brunello Cucinelli Doubles Market Value


Italian KnitwearBucking gloomy economic trends in Italy is Italian luxury knitwear maker and cashmere king, Brunello Cucinelli. After an IPO just over a year ago, Brunello Cucinelli SpA is now worth a billion dollars.


Now what does this tell us about Italian luxury? Well, it shows that demand for Italian made luxury goods is a healthy as ever. Another global Italian luxury brand, Prada, posted record profits for 2012. Iconic sports car brand Ferrari is deliberately aiming to sell fewer cars in 2013 to maintain the brand’s exclusive reputation.


Yes, Italy’s luxury brands are doing very well, and luxury buyers around the world are investing in Italian luxury which continues to live up to, if not exceed, its already excellent reputation.

As a luxury dealer, you can remain confident that in investing in Italian luxury will produce a return on investment – provided you research your market properly and chose products what will appeal to your clients.


Perhaps you have made an approach to a luxury brand or two in Italy but for reasons you cannot quite understand, your attempt to establish a business relationship did not work out. If this is your situation, do not give up all hope, contact myself and my team and we can help you prepare an approach which is much more likely to be successful.


Unfortunately, doing business with Italian luxury brands is rarely as simple as picking up the phone and fixing a meeting, as you may well have discovered. If you would like to know more, read my ebook on just this subject.

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Italian Luxury Businesses Booming


Italian Luxury Business BoomingThe popularity of Italian luxury goods is growing. Stories of Italian luxury brands opening new stores, think about IPOs or even going the full IPO hog are legion. It sounds as if the recession is receding and it’s time for luxury sector businesses to pursue growth strategies again.


Take, first, Italian luxury ski brand Moncler. Demand for Moncler stock has been exceptionally healthy with investors after more than 30 times the number of shares issued. Everyone is expecting this IPO to be a luxury business success story.


Meanwhile, another well known Italian fashion brand Missoni says it’s not seeking a stock exchange listing, for now. Speculation that Missoni will go down the IPO path does seem to be growing, despite the company’s denial. Missoni will probably be keeping a close eye on Moncler and may make a decision to follow suit if the Moncler IPO does indeed turn out to be the success everyone is expecting it to be.


In Italy’s footwear sector, Italian luxury shoemaker Alberto Moretti has recently obtained private equity backing and plans to open stores in Abu Dhabi, Jakarta and Dubai. If everything goes according to plan, Alberto Moretti may well head down the IPO route as the brand seeks to establish its presence globally. Indications are that this is what the company has in mind.


Other Italian luxury brands are not standing still either. Italian luxury leather goods brand Piquadro is widely expected to open a unit in London’s Regent Street. Italian luxury house Dolce & Gabanna have opened a luxury children’s clothing boutique in the UK capital.


Even Italian car maker Fiat is about to embrace the luxury bandwagon. Fiat is investing $12 billion in a range of luxury cars.


Italy’s luxury sector is booming, so it looks as if 2014 is going to be an interesting year for anyone dealing in Italian luxury. All this expansion is very good news as it means demand for Italian luxury goods is destined to grow healthily.

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Luxury Christmas Presents


Luxury Christmas PresentsChristmas is coming and Italy’s luxury businesses are on the look out for export opportunities seeing as the economic climate in Italy itself is still not looking too bright. This means enterprising luxury dealers in other nations can pick up some last minute luxury Christmas presents.


Italian firms produce luxury body products, luxury lifestyle products and lots of other luxurious gifts from accessories to fine foods and wines. If you hurry, you can still stock your shelves in time for the Christmas rush and celebrate those profits.


While you probably know what is likely to appeal to your customers, you may not know which producers in Italy can supply you with goods which you can sell. If this is the case, then you may need some advice.


Don’t worry if it is now a little too late to organise stocking up on luxury Christmas presents as Christmas comes every year, so you may want to begin exploring options now for next Christmas. Indeed, you may well be able to pick up suitable items for Christmas 2014 just after Christmas 2013. You will also know from how sales go this Christmas what kinds of products your customers tend to go for and you can apply that knowledge to next year. Remember that Italian goods just about sell themselves, so if you are considering extending your made in Italy offering, you’ll be in a good position to do so just after this Christmas.


Italy’s luxury goods makers can offer high end luxury items of all shapes and sizes, from luxury mens gifts to luxury corporate gifts too.


If you want to know just what Italy can offer, and you probably will need some assistance because Italy offers so much, then my team and I can help. We are only a phone call or an email away.

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Milan Fashion Week Sets Spring/Summer 2014 Trends

Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week 2014

Milan’s fashion week in late September revealed what will be the trends in luxury fashion for spring and summer 2014.


Vogue took note of Dolce and Gabbana’s delicate floral prints, lace dresses and gold belts. Logos were also making an appearance, as they had in New York and London.

Italian luxury fashion brand Pucci made use of the house’s crest on the back of their bomber jackets, and Missoni went for typography. Versace also jumped on the logo bandwagon with its medusa head much in evidence.


Logos, lace and gold seem to be what will be popular with luxury clothing buyers next year if what was on display at the Milan fashion week is anything to go by and, more often than not, it is.

Judging from Milan’s fashion week finale, the Italian luxury brands in demand in 2014 will be Dolce and Gabbana, Marni as well as classic favourites Missoni, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Armani.

Your luxury boutiques would do well to consider stocking up on the brands which dominated Milan fashion week as they will be the brands your customer will be looking for.


Maybe you do not stock a range of well known Italian luxury brands, possibly because you are on the point of diversifying into high end fashion products. If this is the case, don’t simply go for what was popular in Milan. While the styles may appeal to customers in your own country, the colours may not. As a luxury specialist with many years in the industry, I know which colours appeal to which nationalities. If you are uncertain, then you should get in touch so I can help you avoid being left with a small mountain of unsold stock simply because you did not choose the right colours.

Actually, you also need to be careful with style and cut. What will sell well in Italy style-wise, may not be as popular in your own country. Here again, I can advise you on which styles will appeal to your customers.


Last but not least, if you are in the process of planning your spring and summer ranges now that trends are known after Milan fashion week, you’ll also want to know where you can find the right garments and accessories at reasonable prices. You will also need to be careful to avoid counterfeit goods some of which are so good, only a trained eye can spot the difference between them and the genuine article. If these aspects concern you, both myself and my team of specialists can help your business ensure it ends up with the right goods at the right prices.


There are some signs of economic recovery appearing so 2014 may well end up being the start of a mini-boom for luxury dealers as customers start re-entering the low and middle end luxury segments the market. I can help you plan for 2014 and beyond so that your business will be in a good position to profit from the upturn in the market.

Seek the right advice, spend wisely, and you will greatly increase the chance of your luxury fashion business doing well in 2014.

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Chacrive – Delivering Made to Measure Italian Luxury Worldwide


Chacrive - Italian Fashion LuxuryChacrive is a new global manufacturer of tailor-made luxury clothing and fashion accessories. The fruits of Chacrive‘s labors are distributed worldwide and can literally be delivered to its clients’ doorsteps.


Drawing upon the skills of craftsmen in Italy, France, the UK and the rest of Europe, Chacrive can offer its clients made to measure, eclusive



  • clothing – suits, dresses, shirts and blouses – whatever customers desire
  • fashion accessories, including ties, scarves and foulards
  • footwear and leather goods, of all sizes


That’s not all. Chacrive also offers custom made writing instruments – pens and pencils, and even custom designed watches.


In fact, Chacrive can come up with just about whatever its customers desire. The finished goods can be delivered quickly too.


Charcrive‘s present clients include movie stars, captains of industry, top atheletes and national sports teams, TV personalities and many others.


To extend its business, Chacrive is looking for franchise partners throughout the world. Find out more about this interesting business opportunity here.

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Italian Luxury Maker Bottega Veneta Expected To beat Growth Forecasts


Bottega VenetaItalian luxury maker, and ambassador for Made in Italy exclusivity and craftsmanship, Bottega Veneta did exceptionally well in 2012. The company’s profits soared by 46.7%, according to Vogue UK.


As if that were not good enough, Bottega Veneta is expected to do very well in 2013 too.


The economic crisis is still not really denting luxury spending, but in view of Bottega Veneta‘s stellar performance and despite gloomy economic forecasts, luxury dealers need not worry too much about falling sales.


What is important for luxury dealers is that the brands they sell continue to maintain the high quality level and exclusivity their customers expect. Luxury goods made in Italy do meet the expectations of luxury shoppers, and Italian companies like Bottega Veneta work hard to ensure quality levels are kept high.


As a luxury dealer, you should be continually be on the look out for interesting new product lines which will appeal to your customers. Note that Italy has plenty to offer in this respect.

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Italian Luxury Maker Treccani Milano Expands


Treccani Milano - Italian Luxury ShoesMaker of exclusive custom-made men’s and women’s leather shoes and boots Treccani Milano is expanding into the production of a range of upmarket bags.


Treccani Milano‘s goods are made in Italy by Italian artisans using nothing but the finest materials.


With prices starting at $1,650 and rising all the way to $18,000, Treccani Milano‘s products are aimed squarely at the luxury market.


Early indications are that the new direction taken by this Italian luxury maker is being well received by the market and buyers alike.


As well as making hand made leather-goods, Treccani Milano also offers a range of luxury golf bags and corporate gifts for discerning buyers.


Does your luxury business stock Treccani Milano products? If not, then perhaps it should start doing so.

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