Crackdown on Fake Italian Luxury Goods in China

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19 November 2014

Fake Italian Luxury Goods in ChinaIn the luxury business, counterfeiting remains a problem but steps are being taken to stamp it out. This is just as well, as this illicit activity threatens the reputation of Italian luxury brands and of the dealers who stock them. I was very pleased to hear that solid progress is being made on the Chinese front.


The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) is working to halt the counterfeiting of Italian goods in China and to draw attention to 30 or so fake Italian brands. An anti-counterfeiting desk has been set up in Beijing by Italy’s ITA to fight forgery.


This is good news for Italian businesses and, of course, for customers who stand to benefit from being certain that if something says ‘Made in Italy’ on the label, it really has been ‘Made in Italy’.


China, a major export destination for Italian luxury products, is now working openly with Italy to ensure that Italian goods sold in China are genuinely made in Italy.


While there is still a long way to go, the China-Italy cooperation is very positive news. As I know only too well, counterfeiting within the luxury industry is a major problem and I welcome this news wholeheartedly, as I am sure will businesses and, of course, customers.


Be aware, though, that counterfeiting remains a major problem. Luxury retail businesses need to pay very close attention to exactly what they are selling.


While the label may carry the name of a globally known Italian fashion brand, the item may not have been made in Italy by the company mentioned on the label. Some of these fakes are extremely hard to spot. Only those with a trained eye and years of experience can tell the fakes apart from the genuine articles. As you may know, my company offers an authenticity checking service and we can ensure that your luxury business will receive the genuine article. Unfortunately, certain companies in Italy will attempt to pass counterfeit goods off as the real thing. If you don’t take the right steps, it is all to easy to end up with a shipment of counterfeit goods.


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