Demand for Italian Footwear Steps Up

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10 June 2014

Italian FootwearEveryone, it seems, wants to be seen in Italian footwear. Exports in 2013 were up and 2014 looks promising too.


Shoes made in Italy appeal because of the high level of workmanship and because footwear is made with high quality materials. The combination of both means that Italian footwear lasts longer and keeps looking good too. These features appeal to buyers who are sick of mass produced footwear which tends to fall apart after only a year or so.


If your luxury business deals in footwear, it may well sell certain well-known Italian brands. There are other not so well known brands, often produced by small businesses using traditional techniques and find quality materials. These businesses would be more than happy to enter into private label arrangements with luxury dealers around the world. The problem, for both Italy’s luxury footwear makers and, to an extent for luxury sellers looking for products, is that such companies can be very hard to find.


If you are interested in selling luxury Italian footwear or in creating your own exclusive private brand, then my company can help you find manufacturers in Italy who can produce exactly what you and your customers are looking for.


We can also advise on sizing and colours to ensure that the products you create will appeal to buyers in the nation in which you do business. While you may not consider this important, it is. If the colour or sizes are wrong, products will not sell, no matter how high their quality is.

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