Do You Stock Italian Luxury Lingerie?

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22 October 2014

Italian Luxury LingerieStylish Italian fashion-wear is as popular as ever with ladies around the world. The nation certainly has given the world some legendary fashion brands. However not all of Italy’s fashion-wear is visible.

As well as making fabulous dresses, skirts, tops, and coats to die for, Italy’s luxury industry also makes luxury undergarments. One such manufacturer is La Perla which is opening a new luxury store in Atlanta in the United States. Lingerie ads are sure to follow.

Dealers in Italian luxury women’s wear looking to diversify their businesses should consider adding a line of Italian luxury lingerie to their outlets.

The demand for lingerie is not as seasonal as it is for clothing in general which means it can be a year-round seller. Prices are not low, either. While Items of everyday Italian lingerie can cost upwards of $200, luxury lingerie can sell for between $400 and €1,500. The work of bespoke Italian luxury lingerie makers can sell for far more.

When ladies are looking for new dresses or other clothes, they are often keen to ensure what goes under the clothes enhances the overall look. Well trained sales staff can, of course, mention that a particular item of lingerie will help ensure a certain dress or skirt will always look the way the customer wants it to.

A potentially lucrative opportunity for luxury lingerie exists in the wedding market. Brides to be will want to be certain that they look good on their wedding nights. Doting mothers will also be keen to ensure their daughters look their best too. To cater for this demand, dealers in luxury wedding gowns could also stock a complimentary range of Italian luxury lingerie.

For enterprising luxury dealers, opportunities exist in Italy’s luxury lingerie market. In depth market research could be interesting too, gentlemen.


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