Handbags – the next Luxury Accessory for Men?

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8 May 2015

Pitti Uomo, a fashion trade fair held in Florence, Italy, is known for identifying and setting trends. At recent edition, photographs of male models carrying a range of handbags were evident.

Handbags for MenA new trend might be set and luxury dealers might want to keep an eye on its evolution. Maybe men in your nation will take to “manbags” or maybe not. In Italy, men can often be seen carrying small bags. In the cooler months, such men may be older Italians, but during the hotter seasons, men of all ages can be see with bags.

There’s a reason why bags become popular with men in the summer months in Italy: they are practical.

Summer clothes tend to be lightweight which means keys can punch holes in pockets and coins tend to jangle too.

Pop your keys and coins in a small bag and these little problems disappear. Nowadays, of course, men tend to carry mobile phones and other electronic gizmos around with them. Once again, when the summer months arrive and it becomes too hot to wear a jacket, somewhere is needed to keep all these items – this is were a bag for men can come in very useful indeed.

While in some cultures, men carrying the male equivalent of handbags may not be considered too manly, this prejudice can be overcome by designing bags which don’t look overly feminine. That these bags for men are inherently practical is another selling point which clever marketers can exploit.

Now, if bags for men do become fashionable, you can be sure Italy’s luxury makers will be producing ranges of attractive and stylish bags. As a luxury dealer, you will want to sell products your customers want. And very soon, your male customers may be looking for practical bags.

My advice is to keep an eye on the popularity of bags for men – they could turn out to be the luxury fashion accessory of 2015.

I also recommend following Pitti’s regular Florence trade fairs closely. If you do ever attend one of Pitti’s fashion trade fairs, do not enter into any agreements on the spot. Wait until the event is over before making contact with the producer whose items caught your eye – you’ll be able to negotiate better terms and this, of course, will ensure your profit margins are higher.

If you want to keep up with luxury industry news and issues, such as counterfeiting, contact me!

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