My New Book: How to Make a Profit with Italian Luxury

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4 October 2013

Make a Profit with Italian LuxuryTo help others understand how to do business in Italy’s luxury market, I’ve written a book – a guide to how to do business successfully with Italian luxury brands.


In my book, Make a Profit with Italian Luxury, which is available in English, you’ll find lots of information on how Italy’s luxury market works and plenty of tips on how to ensure your business endeavours work out for both you and your Italian business partners.


Though my book I have shared what I have learned from working in Italy’s luxury market for many years. Having assisted numerous foreign businesses in their attempts at building profitable working relationships with Italian luxury brands, I also know where the problems lie. While an approach to a luxury brand in your own nation may work perfectly well, following the same rules when attempting to establish contact with an Italian luxury brand may not be as successful. I explain why in my book.


Highlights from my book include:


  • Identifying brands
  • Understanding what Italian luxury brands look for in potential business partners
  • How to contact Italian brands
  • How to build a productive relationship with Italian luxury brands
  • Negotiating tips and tricks


You can find my book online here and if you are considering doing business with Italy’s luxury makers, you will find it useful.


On the other hand, you may already have attempted to enter business relationships with luxury producers in Italy but, unfortunately, have not attained the level of success you were hoping for. If you find yourself in this situation, my book will help you understand where you might have gone wrong and may well help you ensure things go more smoothly in the future.


I sincerely hope you will find my book as interesting to read as it was to write. I would welcome your feedback too.

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