How to Use Hotels to Market Your Luxury Goods Business

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26 November 2014

Luxury customers often pass time in destinations all around the world and while they are in Milan, New York, Buenos Aires, Beijing, or wherever, they may well want to explore local luxury stores and zones well know for luxury outlets. As a luxury business always on the lookout for customers, you can help. Cooperation is key.


When people visit a city with which they are unfamiliar, they may not know where the best luxury shopping areas are. Yes, they may well know a few brands or even be aware of a shop or two, but they may not know where to go to find the most interesting and exclusive luxury outlets.


Use Hotels to Market Luxury Goods


You can be fairly certain these luxury shoppers, perhaps the wives or children of businessmen, will be staying in the best hotels in the area. Why not ensure they find a guide to the city’s best luxury stores waiting for them in their hotel rooms? A glossy magazine with appealing photographs, not only of the luxury items in offer, but also of the stores which sell them and, perhaps, a few photographs of friendly looking staff accompanied by interesting texts and instructions on how to find the stores mentioned.


Such magazine style brochures would not need to be updated too often, though seasonal versions may be a good idea as shoppers search for different items at different times of the year.


Yes, you will need to cooperate with other luxury dealers locally to create such a publication but the exercise will work out as a win-win arrangement for all concerned. You will also raise awareness of your business’ existence and happy luxury shoppers who will be able to find what they want more easily will tell their friends about the shops they loved and about the interesting and original goods they bought. This will attract more people to your stores and generate sales.


Taking this a step further, the local luxury guide could also mention other outlets your business operates in other well-known luxury destinations or even in other areas of the same country. Business people may well visit more than one destination in the same country on the same trip and if they cannot make it to your New York store, they may be able to pay a visit to your San Francisco branch


Even hotels will benefit as word spreads about their useful and informative luxury shopping city guides. These guides could also mention local luxury restaurants and other entertainment in the area. Visitors may even choose one hotel over another simply because it offers such a guide and the publication would add value to the hotel’s offering an attract more guests.


A luxury shopping guide to your city should be offered in a selection of languages as well as the national language of your own nation so that it can appeal to as many potential luxury shoppers as possible.

Is your luxury business involved in the publication of such a guide? If not, then perhaps you might like to consider it.


How many times have interesting luxury stores been overlooked simply because nobody knew they were there? More often then not, one suspects.


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