Italian Companies Still Hungry for Export Business

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22 April 2015

How to Approach Italian Companies for Business If there’s one positive aspect of the global economic crisis, it’s that companies in Italy have become more prepared to seek new markets for their products.
Italy’s wine producers are selling more and more italian wine overseas and, of course, other businesses in many different sectors would like to follow suit.

What might happen is that a representative of an Italian company offering luxury designer furniture or whatever, may turn up on the doorstep of one of your competitors. If this happens, and it might, then your luxury business will lose out.

What you need is a pre-emptive strike – only no nasty nuclear missiles will be needed. You need to encourage an Italian business to choose to build a relationship with you as opposed to with one of your competitors.

You will need to carry out in-depth research into the luxury products your business will be able to sell to your customers. Perhaps you are looking for complimentary products or maybe you are on the look out for something completely new and original. In both cases, plenty of research will be needed but carrying our all the investigations may not be easy.

With regard to the Italian market, you may also lack local knowledge which means you may risk overlooking a product that would suit your business very well. Alternatively, the business you missed may get in touch with one of your competitors.

To help you with research and with establishing a working relationship with businesses in Italy, you might like to consider some assistance.

This is where my business can help you by saving you time and, of course, money. Not only can my staff and myself help you find businesses in Italy which produce the products you are looking for, we can also suggest other products which would be likely to boost your businesses profits and enhance its reputation.

We can help you find many different luxury goods: from fashion and footwear to jewellery, perfumes, food, wine, and furniture.

Not only this, but we know businesses in Italy which can produce private label goods. Products which can carry your exclusive brand but which benefit from having been created in Italy. Don’t let your competitors beat you to it. Get in touch to learn how we can help you build your luxury business and benefit from the cachet of Italian quality and style.

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