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15 May 2015

italian fine foodWhile the global economic crisis has not hit the luxury market too hard, it has dented the sales of Italy’s producers of italian fine food.

Whereas once upon a time makers of fine foods in Italy did not really bother with the export market, more and more are discovering that there is demand for their products outside of Italy. As a consequence, more people around the world are becoming familiar with Italy’s food products. Italy is a brand in itself and, owing to the reputation Italy enjoys for the quality of its food products, they tend to sell themselves – provided they can be found.

This is very good news for luxury dealers specialising in high quality foods and is also good news for wholesalers who distribute high quality Italian food products to upmarket restaurants as it means they can extend their product offerings. A greater range of products tends to translate into more sales, which leads to greater profits.

While certain Italian delicacies might not appeal to the tastes of some people in some markets, in other markets, they are likely to go down very well indeed. As a dealer specialising in fine foods, you will be aware of what your customers like, however, you will also be constantly on the look out for new and interesting products. You may dedicate some of your time to researching new products by attending food fairs. In fact, you may well be coming to the 2015 Milan Expo in search of new product lines.

Research can, of course, be very productive, but it can also be time consuming and can result in occasional costly errors. You may believe your customers will like a particular product but, alas, it does not prove as popular as you hoped. These things happen. However, there is a way of reducing the likelihood of such problems occurring.

This is where a local partner can be very useful and especially if that local partner knows the tastes of those outside of Italy. For many years, my company has helped luxury dealers throughout the world identify Italian food products which sell in many different markets. Let us know where you are from, what you sell at the moment and we can help you find other products which will appeal to customers in your nation.

Don’t wait too long to seek out assistance or else you might be beaten to it by one of your competitors.

Are you interested in italian fine food? Contact me!

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