Italian Luxury Businesses Booming

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5 February 2014

Italian Luxury Business BoomingThe popularity of Italian luxury goods is growing. Stories of Italian luxury brands opening new stores, think about IPOs or even going the full IPO hog are legion. It sounds as if the recession is receding and it’s time for luxury sector businesses to pursue growth strategies again.


Take, first, Italian luxury ski brand Moncler. Demand for Moncler stock has been exceptionally healthy with investors after more than 30 times the number of shares issued. Everyone is expecting this IPO to be a luxury business success story.


Meanwhile, another well known Italian fashion brand Missoni says it’s not seeking a stock exchange listing, for now. Speculation that Missoni will go down the IPO path does seem to be growing, despite the company’s denial. Missoni will probably be keeping a close eye on Moncler and may make a decision to follow suit if the Moncler IPO does indeed turn out to be the success everyone is expecting it to be.


In Italy’s footwear sector, Italian luxury shoemaker Alberto Moretti has recently obtained private equity backing and plans to open stores in Abu Dhabi, Jakarta and Dubai. If everything goes according to plan, Alberto Moretti may well head down the IPO route as the brand seeks to establish its presence globally. Indications are that this is what the company has in mind.


Other Italian luxury brands are not standing still either. Italian luxury leather goods brand Piquadro is widely expected to open a unit in London’s Regent Street. Italian luxury house Dolce & Gabanna have opened a luxury children’s clothing boutique in the UK capital.


Even Italian car maker Fiat is about to embrace the luxury bandwagon. Fiat is investing $12 billion in a range of luxury cars.


Italy’s luxury sector is booming, so it looks as if 2014 is going to be an interesting year for anyone dealing in Italian luxury. All this expansion is very good news as it means demand for Italian luxury goods is destined to grow healthily.

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