Italian Luxury Maker Bottega Veneta Expected To beat Growth Forecasts

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8 May 2013

Bottega VenetaItalian luxury maker, and ambassador for Made in Italy exclusivity and craftsmanship, Bottega Veneta did exceptionally well in 2012. The company’s profits soared by 46.7%, according to Vogue UK.


As if that were not good enough, Bottega Veneta is expected to do very well in 2013 too.


The economic crisis is still not really denting luxury spending, but in view of Bottega Veneta‘s stellar performance and despite gloomy economic forecasts, luxury dealers need not worry too much about falling sales.


What is important for luxury dealers is that the brands they sell continue to maintain the high quality level and exclusivity their customers expect. Luxury goods made in Italy do meet the expectations of luxury shoppers, and Italian companies like Bottega Veneta work hard to ensure quality levels are kept high.


As a luxury dealer, you should be continually be on the look out for interesting new product lines which will appeal to your customers. Note that Italy has plenty to offer in this respect.

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