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5 November 2014

Vinexpo produced an interesting infographic projecting wine consumption around the world in 2017. Both China and the USA are forecast to increase their wine consumption considerably. Brazil is another nation in which wine consumption is expected to grow healthily.

In two of the world’s great wine producing nations, France and Italy, wine consumption is predicted to fall. This is good news for wine dealers around the world as French and Italian winemakers will be looking for export customers. Some Italian wineries are already exporting a whopping 90% of what they produce so finding producers willing to export their wares won’t be a huge problem.

Italian Wine

Italian wines, as you probably already know, enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. What you may not know is that there are plenty of other excellent wines just waiting to be discovered throughout Italy. Some of Italy’s winemakers are innovating continually and are creating new and interesting wines.

Certain areas of Italy are renown for their reds, others are famous for their white wines. However, some of the red wine producers are busily creating white wines – wines which must match the quality of their better known reds in order to maintain the reputation of the winery. There are also wineries in Italy which have been producing selections of high quality red and white wines for many years.

Beware of self-styled Italian wine gurus who claim that the wine regions of Italy well known for reds cannot produce drinkable high quality whites. The whole of Italy is capable of producing excellent quality whites and reds.

Don’t discount Italy’s rosé wines either. Nor should you forget Italy’s excellent sparkling wines. While Italy is well known for prosecco and spumante sparkling wines, other wine producers all over Italy produce sparking wines which are likely to appeal to customers around the world.

Now is an excellent time to become more familiar with Italy’s excellent and extremely varied wine offering. Start now, and your wine business will benefit from VinExpo‘s forecast 2017 boom in wine consumption.

My company can assist you in your wine search and advise you on doing business in Italy. While you may think setting up export agreements with Italian companies will be easy, more often than not, this is not the case.

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