Italy gastronomy tour: make 2015 a gastronomic succes

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28 April 2015

Italy gastronomy tourWhile Italian cuisine and food enjoys an outstanding reputation throughout the world, not all of Italy’s food products are that well known. This translates into lots of hidden potential for businesses specialising in high quality foods.

The fly in the ointment is that it’s not always easy to find Italian specialities let alone producers which have a reputation for making them. Then there’s the ever problematic aspect of establishing a working relationship with Italian businesses. Aside from the language barrier, cultural aspects relating to doing business in Italy can create obstacles and valuable opportunities can easily be lost.

One thing businesses looking for speciality food products can do is to come to Italy and visit all 20 regions and as many towns and cities in those regions as they possibly can. Though you might find it hard to believe, the variety of Italian foods is so extensive that you might find, or miss, a wonderful product in one town but not in another which may only be a short distance away.

Or else you may come across a low quality uninspiring version of one product and miss out on the high quality version of the same product produced across the road.

Obviously, in view of the time and cost involved, research tours of Italy are not practical for most businesses. The language barrier would present an obstacle too.

An alternative is to visit food fairs in your own nation in the hope of coming across interested new Italian products for your business to stock. While this can work, not all of Italy’s food producers attend food fairs all over the world so you may miss certain products that are likely appeal to you customers.

Is there a way round such problems? Yes, there is. What you need is a specialist local partner based in Italy, someone who knows what Italy can offer.

A partner who knows the tastes of other nationalities can help select food products that are likely to match the tastes of Indians, Chinese, Brazilians or the people from a multitude of other nations. If the right product is chosen from the start, less market testing will be required and this, of course, will save your business money.

You’ll still have to invest in marketing and advertising although you can be fairly certain that those who buy and try the new products will like them.

Another advantage is that a local partner can help your business keep costs down by advising whether asking prices are too high or not.

Containing costs means you can keep your profit margin where you want it to keep profit levels up.Is your business considering expanding its range of high quality gastronomic product in 2015? If so, then consider the assistance of a specialist local partner.

Helping businesses identify product opportunities in Italy is what my company does and we’ve been doing it for a long time. If you think we might be able to help you, contact us.

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