Luxury Seasons – It’s always Summer Somewhere!

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3 December 2014

Like all shoppers, luxury buyers tend to be influenced by seasons. Luxury stores tend to stock summer season items before hot months and sell colder weather wear and goods when winter approaches. Perhaps, though, luxury stores should carry stock suitable for any season. Why? I’ll explain.


Luxury stores all over the world attract luxury shoppers from all around the world. Some of those shoppers may come from hotter nations such as the United Arab Emirates, others, may live in nations where temperatures are lower.


Imagine a customer from Australia who visits a store in the winter in New York or London. That customer may not be interested in winter wear while its summer in Australia. On the other hand, this shopper may well be interested in light clothing which could be worn in the heat of an Australian summer.


 Luxury Seasons


A shrewd luxury dealer might keep a line of summer clothes visible for visitors from warmer climes. Or, a line of warm coasts, for example, for shoppers visiting in when it is mid summer in your nation but cooler in the customer’s nation. A late winter or summer sale might be in order to help sell some of those items which have been left over from one season to another.


Selling winter and summer clothing alongside one another would be much easier for e-commerce operations catering to luxury customers. Indeed, a clever programmer could ensure that visitors from certain areas of the world land on web-pages which reflect the climate in their nation at the time. Few shoppers would be interested in linen clothing when the temperature is low in their nations of origin.


With a little imagination and some technical expertise, web sites can be adapted to cater for different seasonal tastes. Though this is more difficult for bricks and mortar shops, it is not impossible and may boost sales.


One group of stores which could benefit from sections catering to different seasons within the same store are airport shops. Visitors to airport shopping areas come from all over the world and will be on the look out for items which suit their climate especially if they are on their way home. This is especially true of airports which act as international hubs.


“But my customers won’t want to try on heavy coats in mid-summer”, you may cry. Well, that depends on how effective the air conditioning system in your store is.


As well as clothes and other fashion items, stockists of luxury foods and wines could also ensure that products on display appeal to visitors from both warmer and colder climates. Once again, web based stores could benefit from targeting products to the seasons in the nations of the countries from which their visitors arrive.


As a luxury dealer, have you experimented with displaying items for hotter and cooler areas of the world in parallel? If so, what were your results?


If you have not experimented with running multi-season lines at the same time, then perhaps you should consider this.

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