Milan Fashion Week Sets Trends

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23 September 2011

This week from the 21 to the 27 of September is Milan Fashion Week. There will be fashion shows everywhere and fashion buyers will be out in force sounding out what is going to be “in” next year.


Milan Fashion Week - September 2011


There are even rumors floating around that Milan’s Fashion Weeks are likely to displace the London fashion week as one of fashion’s most important appointments.


Everybody is interested in Italian style. In fact, it is during the Milan Fashion Week that trends are set. Fashion buyers the world over will be watching closely to see what is in, and what is out.


Questions abound:


Which colours are going to be fashionable for Spring and Summer 2012? What look is going to dominate?


More importantly for luxury boutiques, which Italian designers attract the most attention? And what are the 2012 trends likely to be?


As someone who makes a living from dealing with the wholesale fashion business, you will be looking for answers to the above questions and many more besides. Once you have the answers you need, you will start putting together a buying strategy.


You will also need to take into account which styles of clothes will look good on the people in your country? Are they all slim or is the population more robust? As you will know, generously built women tend to prefer clothing in darker colours because they make them look slimmer.


Successful boutiques select ranges of Italian made garments in a variety of different sizes that are likely to appeal to as many of their customers as possible. You will want to do the same.  Perhaps, if you are new to the business, you are unsure what your customers will like and what they will not.


If this is the situation you find yourself in, then why not contact someone who can help you?


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