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12 November 2014

Bespoke luxury is as popular as ever even if at times, bespoke may mean little more than being able to choose the colour of the buttons put on a coat. Real made to measure luxury services exist too, of course, and the internet can help.


Through smart use of the internet, your luxury business in Beijing can create bespoke Italian luxury goods such as clothing and accessories for customers who demand complete personalisation and are more than happy to pay for the privilege.


Setting up such a service requires a little thought but with the help of the internet, it is possible. Indeed, some of Italy’s top luxury brands are already offering such services. Are you? If not, and your luxury business caters to high-end luxury customers, you should consider it.



Sell Bespoke Italian Luxury Online


At a local level, you will need to find a tailor to take customers’ measurements, after, that is, they have chosen what it is it they want, be it a pair of trousers, a jacket, skirt, or whatever. Once measurements have been taken, they can be transmitted to a manufacturer in Italy who will then produce the garments requested.


The finished article is then sent back to your store and the customer can take delivery. While such a service may work very well, to ensure customers are one hundred percent content with their new made to measure clothes, consider a final fitting and alteration session at a local level. This will ensure your customer gets what he or she wants and will raise levels of satisfaction. The finished items will be as near to perfect as they can possibly be.


Obviously, your business will require the services of an expert tailor or dressmaker at a local level to ensure that the made to measure service works as well as it possibly can. After all, customers may be paying upwards of $3,000 for their made to measure clothes, so they will expect an exceptionally high level of service.


What you may not know is that as well as major Italian luxury brands, smaller luxury makers exist. These often tiny businesses may be renown for the quality of their bespoke work within Italy but be virtually unknown beyond the nation’s borders. How can you find such businesses? Your primary source is insider information. In fact, my company can help you find Italian luxury makers who can create fabulous garments from the finest quality materials for your most demanding customers.


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