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28 October 2014

As a luxury dealer you will most probably be aware that the internet is where many luxury buyers are heading to make purchases. The made in Italy brand is as powerful online as it is offline.

There are lots of reasons why the world wide web makes such an ideal distribution channel for Italian luxury goods. First of all, there is no need for luxury dealers to create a bricks and mortar stores. Then there is the size of the market. Via the world wide web literally billions of customers can be reached. On top of this, price levels can be competitive compared to bricks and mortar stores owing to lower overheads. Plus, as a result of overheads being lower, margins can be higher especially if online shops are located in nations with favourable tax regimes.

Another major advantage is that online stores are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlike a high street store, your online luxury store never closes. And customers can buy at any time they please – they do not have to worry about getting to the shop before closing time.

Other advantages include potential savings on training and on providing “work wear” for bricks and mortar store shop assistants.

Selling Luxury Online

You may, however, need to set up a customer services section especially when dealing with higher end luxury products. Even this is possible via the internet. At times, customers do like to be able to interact with ‘real’ people. Indeed, a good customer service experience can add value to your business and can help develop repeat business.

Online luxury is not all a bed of roses though. A lot of thought needs to be given to the web experience you want to offer to your customers. To an extent, however, you can learn how to create a good web experience by analysing your competitors. The features your competitors use can also be incorporated into to your own web site. But don’t forget to ask for feedback from your customers. This can be done via on or offline questionnaires and surveys. Questions can also be asked via a blog and blogs can add to the overall experience as well as providing customers with an added benefit and a way for your company to engage with customers.

If you already own a chain of luxury outlets selling Italian luxury goods, a web presence can enhance your business.

Imagine a customer who visits your store one day but does not have the time to complete a purchase. Perhaps because your outlet is within an airport and the customer has a flight to catch. With an online store, the customer could purchase the goods he or she wants whenever he or she wants. Internet usage aboard aeroplanes is growing so customers could make a purchase while flying to their next destination. Such purchasers will be very happy to find their goods waiting for them when they arrive home. Or why not arrange for their order to be delivered to hotels or even places of work? Customer satisfaction levels would be sky high and the chances of customers returning would increase too.

Setting up or improving your business’s online presence is well worth considering. As with regular bricks and mortar stores, though, you still need to pay attention to what you are selling and what will sell. My company can help your business identify products which will greatly increase the chances of success of your online business whether it is a stand alone or complimentary operation.

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