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1. Problem Solving

Finding solutions to national international, commercial, legal, and marketing issues.

2. Business consulting

Advice on pricing, marketing strategy, trademarks, product range, Brand and assortment decisions.

3. Introductions to reliable Brands and vendors

Advice on how to prepare for introductory meetings with suppliers and intermediaries who have direct or indirect lines to exclusive Italian Brands.

4. Assistance with Contracts

Help and advice on drawing up contracts: from the first draft to the definitive document, as well as advice on how to write those essential contact termination clauses.

5. Licensing Advice

The identification of Italian Brands to act as production licensees. Providing solutions to sales, contractual, quality assurance, approval, trading restriction and conditions of sale issues. Advice on licensing the production of clothing, accessories and promotional goods.

6. Franchising Advice

Identification of Italian Brands and products that offer franchising opportunities. The resolution of trade and contractual issues, including highlighting legal traps or trade dead ends, plus advice on problem avoidance and solving.

7. Customs, Law and Bureaucracy

Assistance, advice, prevention and resolution of bureaucratic, administrative, legal and customs issues.

8. Assistance with documentation

Help with documentation including customs, shipping, technical reports, certification of authenticity, quality assurance.

9. Trade Intermediary

Provision of all third party intermediary activities, plus assistance with negotiations.

10. Negotiating Strategy

Advice on setting up negotiations with suppliers, intermediaries and wholesalers.

11. Brand Research

Identification and selection of the Brands most suited to specific business initiatives, at the same time, taking into account local, national and international market conditions.

12. Identification of suppliers, distributors and wholesalers

Identification of the suppliers, distributors and wholesalers that suit specific business strategies.

13. Authenticity Checks

Verification of the authenticity of products, materials, accessories and Brands, including writing technical reports and preparing legally valid documentation.

14. Authenticity Surveys

Providing advice on legality and authenticity, including the certification of materials, products, accessory quality and advising on trademark validity.

15. Dispute Resolution

Assistance with the settlement of disputes, including legal advice.

16. Price Consistency and Cost Checks

Checking the consistency of prices and costs to help define effective buying strategies.

17. Identification of business opportunities

Searching for good value deals arising from: End of line, special edition, and end of production goods, plus opportunities arising from liquidations, bankruptcies, business restructuring, and end of season items.

18. Training of Sales Personnel and Buyers

The training of sales representatives and buyers.

19. Opening of Buying Offices

Support for the opening of a buying office in Italy. Buying service available in cases in which opening a buying office in Italy is not considered worthwhile.

20. Support for buyers and buying offices

Client reception services, receiving goods, and support services for buying offices located in Italy and abroad.

21. Sales Staff Training

The provision of training for salespeople, sales office personnel, and of in-store sales assistants.

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