An improvised presentation produces zero results

Salvo Spagna - Case Studies

Salvo Spagna - Case Studies

A well-prepared presentation, on the other hand drives results!While Italian Companies are used to working with foreigners, they can sometimes find it difficult to understand the intentions of entrepreneurs who come from countries whose customs are not well known in Italy. China is a vast and important nation. It is as big as a continent, and has cultures and markets which differ from one region to another.


The initial attempt of a successful Chinese merchant to introduce himself to a major Italian Brand was not a success. Although his proposal was sound, the businessman was unable to explain the details to an Italian well enough to be able to attract the right attention.

Indeed, the Italian who met this Chinese gentleman did not understand what he had in mind.After asking around, the Chinese businessman in question was referred to Salvo Spagna by another of Spagna’s clients. Knowing exactly what this Brand looked for, Salvo Spagna helped the businessman draw up new documentation to support his proposal.

The documents included a complete set of photographs and a detailed presentation of the Chinese entrepreneur’s chain of shops. Salvo Spagna also helped the Chinese businessman to prepare a thorough and detailed presentation of his business activities, as well as brushing up one or two other aspects of the businessman’s approach. Armed with the new information, Salvo Spagna set up another meeting between the Chinese businessman and the Italian Brand.

At this meeting, Salvo Spagna was able to show the true worth of the business proposal to the Italian company, at the same time he highlighted the value of future sales.Within three weeks of the meeting, a contract was signed. Six months later goods started arriving in the Chinese businessman’s shops, and to the great satisfaction of all concerned, sold well.

The general manager of the Italian company concerned, not realising that it was the businessman he had rejected a few months before, thanked Salvo Spagna for having presented such a valuable customer.

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