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Sometimes seemingly insignificant aspects can play a significant part in determining the success or otherwise of an important meeting or presentation, as this case illustrates. A successful Korean entrepreneur had wanted to get in touch with a major Italian Brand for a long time. One day, he finally managed to set up a meeting. The Korean entrepreneur was met by a manager from the Italian Brand’s marketing department, but this manager treated him with contempt, and gave the impression that, in his eyes, the businessman from Korea had little credibility, let alone potential value as a customer.
The problem? The Korean entrepreneur turned up at the meeting dressed in casual Korean-style travel clothes, which were neither stylish nor well matched. In the fashion world, image often counts more than substance, add to this the problems caused by one party not knowing English and the other not being able to speak Italian, and communications issues are bound to arise. The combined effects of inefficient communication and poor appearance meant that the potential worth and professionalism of the Korean entrepreneur was completely overlooked. Indeed, if a poorly dressed Italian speaking broken English turned up at an office in Hong Kong or Seoul, he would probably have had problems being taken seriously, would he not?
Salvo Spagna and his team set about renewing the entrepreneur’s wardrobe, filling it with high quality Italian clothes and accessories. Spagna also helped the Korean entrepreneur prepare a new version of his business proposal. Spagna’s company then arranged another meeting with the marketing department of the Italian Brand the Korean businessmen had met previously. This time, the meeting was a great success. Within two weeks, and to the satisfaction of everyone involved, a supply contract was signed and sealed.

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Salvo Spagna

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