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Salvo Spagna - Case Studies

A chain of stores in the United States imported goods purchased from a number of trusted vendors for many years.


After a while, the chain store owner became suspicious and asked Salvo Spagna to carry out some checks. Spagna’s checks revealed that one of the chain store’s suppliers had been sending batches of goods which included counterfeit items. The unscrupulous supplier was dropped.

A replacement supplier was identified by Salvo Spagna’s staff, and the quality and authenticity of goods suppled, as well as all documentation, was carefully checked and verified. The authenticity of the goods stocked by this American chain store is now guaranteed by controls carried out by Salvo Spagna and his team. Department store enters into lucrative agreements with Italy, eventually.

After many attempts, thanks to Salvo Spagna, a department store in Vietnam entered into lucrative agreements with a number of Made in Italy accessory manufacturers.As a result of these agreements, the department store was able to perfect its product line-up by adding a range of prestigious Made in Italy products. This, in turn, led to an increase in the department store’s market share in Vietnam.


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Salvo Spagna

The first Italian Luxury Advisor, offers consulting and intermediary services, plus authenticity and anti-counterfeiting audits for the purchase and sale of luxury and high quality Made in Italy goods, including Fashion, Food and Furniture

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