Improving the terms of a Franchising agreement

Salvo Spagna

Salvo Spagna - Case Studies

A European importer wanted to enter into a franchising arrangement with an Italian Brand. Salvo Spagna reviewed the terms of the franchising contract, eliminating onerous clauses, and adding others which would protect his clients interests.

An example of an onerous term: if a franchisee receives goods late, it may may be impossible to sell them at a profit because the season has ended. Specific clauses sometimes need to be added to contracts to protect you from such eventualities.

Advice which is better than free: it saves you money.With the exception of advice on the resolution of legal issues, customs and disputes, Salvo Spagna’s intervention will save you a minimum of twice his fee and often up to one hundred times the cost of a consultation.

An hour of Salvo Spagna’s time will help you perfect your project, and save you thousands of Euros. Click here for more information Still not sure? Do you have an idea, but have no immediate plans in mind? Click here to register for our informative free newsletter.

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Salvo Spagna

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