Special Guarantee




Special Guarantee

If you do not save at least double what you pay for his advice, Salvo Spagna will refund his fee You will save between 2 and 100 times the cost of a consultation How our Guarantee Works: Say your company spends €5000 on a consultation with Salvo Spagna. At the very least this will save you €10,000, plus you will learn how to do business in Made in Italy goods successfully and acquire valuable knowledge which will help you avoid years of costly trial and error.After a one-hour consultation with Salvo Spagna, some of his customers have saved as much as €100,000.A single hour of Salvo Spagna’s time can help you save a significant amount of money and help you perfect that project you have in mind.

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Riguardo all’Autore

Salvo Spagna

The first Italian Luxury Advisor, offers consulting and intermediary services, plus authenticity and anti-counterfeiting audits for the purchase and sale of luxury and high quality Made in Italy goods, including Fashion, Food and Furniture

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