Italian Luxury Maker Brunello Cucinelli Doubles Market Value

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12 March 2014

Italian KnitwearBucking gloomy economic trends in Italy is Italian luxury knitwear maker and cashmere king, Brunello Cucinelli. After an IPO just over a year ago, Brunello Cucinelli SpA is now worth a billion dollars.


Now what does this tell us about Italian luxury? Well, it shows that demand for Italian made luxury goods is a healthy as ever. Another global Italian luxury brand, Prada, posted record profits for 2012. Iconic sports car brand Ferrari is deliberately aiming to sell fewer cars in 2013 to maintain the brand’s exclusive reputation.


Yes, Italy’s luxury brands are doing very well, and luxury buyers around the world are investing in Italian luxury which continues to live up to, if not exceed, its already excellent reputation.

As a luxury dealer, you can remain confident that in investing in Italian luxury will produce a return on investment – provided you research your market properly and chose products what will appeal to your clients.


Perhaps you have made an approach to a luxury brand or two in Italy but for reasons you cannot quite understand, your attempt to establish a business relationship did not work out. If this is your situation, do not give up all hope, contact myself and my team and we can help you prepare an approach which is much more likely to be successful.


Unfortunately, doing business with Italian luxury brands is rarely as simple as picking up the phone and fixing a meeting, as you may well have discovered. If you would like to know more, read my ebook on just this subject.

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