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When is the best time to buy Fashion goods?


How do you know when is the correct time to buy the Italian fashion goods?

As in all areas of business rushing tends to cause problems.

Many of my clients come to me when the stock in their stores has already run out, or turn up only days before their new store is due to open!


The best business position

You need to be in a position which allows you to grasp opportunities offered by the market, but that does not end up placing you, usually out of desperation, in the situation of having to buy at all costs.

In the case of new collections, there are two key periods:

  1. January / February for autumn-winter items, and
  2. June / July for spring and summer ranges.

Missing these periods means missing a season.


When buying goods using the “one season before” approach, it is essential to plan at least a month ahead.


Whenever you are under pressure because you have no merchandise in your store, you are in fact losing money and the choices you make will be affected negatively.

In such situations very few agents can help, certainly not those who just want to earn percentages and not want to bother having to think about thinks like longterm strategy.

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