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Some real cases in the sector of the enhancement of works of art.

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In all these cases, Salvo Spagna and its consultancy and operating companies have worked to enhance the opportunities of entrepreneurs and institutions, developing hidden opportunities and solving strategic, financial and operational problems.


International museum wants to enrich the collection

An international museum wanted to enrich a particular collection, but did not have adequate funding. The solution was to sell some works on the archive, of great value but not indispensable (in fact they had not been exhibited for years), to then finance the purchase of new works in line with the museum’s exhibition and cultural strategy.


Collector can’t sell a work of art

An important international collector had a work of art for sale for ten years but could not find a buyer through the channels he knew. We have solved the problem by identifying potential buyers in America and China, organizing two reserved meetings for the exhibition of the work.


Investment bank enhances its artistic heritage

An investment bank had a collection of works of art collected through various corporate acquisitions. Coming from various sources, the collection was valuable but heterogeneous and fragmentary. We helped them to rationalize the collection, selling the minor works and enhancing the remaining works both from an artistic and a patrimonial point of view with appraisals, pr activities and the organization of a special exhibition. This has benefited both the notoriety of the investment bank among senior managers and entrepreneurs, and the asset value of the works in its possession.


Lawyer asks for help to solve a hereditary problem

An important international lawyer, specialized in family law and protection of large estates, turned to us to carry out the sale of an important work of art, obviously indivisible among the heirs without monetization. The problem was to valorize the work, document the value with adequate expertise, find potential buyers with serious intentions and solve all legal and export problems of the work.


New sponsors and new visitors for an international museum

An important international museum needed to acquire new sponsors and increase visitors at a particular time of the year. We solved the problem by obtaining the loan of an important work by a great Italian Renaissance artist for a special exhibition that generated a peak of visitors, echoed in the specialized and general press, and new sponsors for the museum’s activities.

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