First Italian Luxury Advisor for commercial potential of Italian Excellencies

Salvo Spagna and its companies carry out consultancy, service and support activities for all entrepreneurs who intend to invest in the world of Italian and European luxury products for the international market. Salvo Spagna has worked, directly and indirectly, for entrepreneurs, companies, international brands, importers, exporters, specialized transporters, trainers, sales network managers, commercial developers, shopping center managers, franchising networks, chain stores, outlets and all kinds of sales points and sales networks.

SALVO SPAGNA » Luxury advisor

> Value is a goal that requires method, experience and competence

The objectives are achieved through the rational management of available resources, the activation and empowerment of internal and external collaborators, the search for new financial and professional resources, the maintenance of expenses within the budget. Salvo Spagna and its companies offer efficiency, international connections, authenticity and anti-counterfeiting audits, business consultancy, price definition, marketing strategy, legal consultancy on contracts and licenses, franchising consultancy and commercial collaboration agreements and joint ventures, international connections, knowledge of customs, law and bureaucracy. .

> Luxury Advisor: services for the enhancement of luxury products

Enhancing and promoting Italian excellence and luxury products requires expertise and experience: learning about brands, commercial channels, anti-counterfeiting techniques, legal, bureaucratic and customs issues. The companies of Salvo Spagna offer international experience and expertise to purchase and adequately treat the most exclusive luxury products, both Made in Italy and Made in Europe, to conquer and consolidate international markets.

> The leader of a team of Italian luxury and excellence experts

Salvo Spagna coordinates a staff of collaborators with great experience in the luxury sector and exclusive brands: experts in marketing, trade, anti-counterfeiting, legal protection of the brand, contract law and international law, customs practices, development of points of sale, sales promotions, specialized architects.

Salvo Spagna and its close collaborators analyze in person all the technical problems and closely supervise the operative and technical collaborators: mediators, experts, specialists, legal experts, image experts, fitters, specialized transports, customs and administrative experts.

Salvo Spagna has carried out consultancy, coordination and direction for

  • Italian brands
  • International brands
  • Shopping centers
  • Outlet
  • Duty Free
  • Luxury chain stores
  • International hotel chains
  • International sales networks
  • Investors
  • Commercial operators
  • Franchising
  • Licensing
  • Import-Export
  • Real Estate

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